Author: Benoy Antony

I am an Apache Hadoop Committer and has been working as an engineer/architect at companies like eBay and Paypal. Please check my LinkedIn Profile for the full profile.

Checklist for a Secure Hadoop Cluster

There are some standard best practices for securing a Hadoop cluster. When securing a cluster, we are trying to address the concerns specified in Primer on security in a Data System. Let us quickly review what are some of…

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Companies With Secure Hadoop Clusters

While strong authentication with kerberos is added in Hadoop as early as in 2011, only few companies have enabled security in Hadoop clusters. It is quite surprising that some large and famous companies have not bothered to enable…

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Impersonation is the process by which a user acts as another user (just like the name implies). Its same as the sudo privileges in Unix. It makes perfect sense in Hadoop when we consider Hadoop as an Operating system for…

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Books related to Hadoop Security

While there are many online sources for Hadoop security topics (like this site), books help in understanding the topic with focus. There are not many books written on this topic. Here, I am listing afew books that I…

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Primer on Security in a Data System

For any system, there multiple aspects to security. Hadoop related projects solve these security concerns differently using different frameworks and libraries. But overall, they all try to address these common security concerns in varying degrees. Some of these…

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Service Authorization in Hadoop

Hadoop as we know, consists of HDFS and Yarn as sub components. There is Hadoop Core (common) which is a common library shared by HDFS and Yarn. While HDFS and Yarn has its own specific resource specific access…

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Authentication Methods across Hadoop projects

Let us review the authentication methods used across Hadoop related projects. You can see that most products support Kerberos. Majority supports  LDAP as well.  Most products enable you to plugin your own custom authentication. Here is the catalog…

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